What are Team Foundation Server Alternate Credentials?

Some applications that work outside the browser (including Team Explorer Everywhere command line client and the git-tf utility) require basic authentication credentials. Other applications do not properly handle using an e-mail address for the user name during authentication. To work with these applications, you need to enable alternate credentials, set a password, and optionally set a secondary user name not in the form of an e-mail address. Please note that alternate credentials cannot be used to sign in to the service from a web browser or outside of these applications. Learn more

From tfs.visualstudio.com

In order to use WorkItem Glass, you will need to enable Alternate Credentials for your tfs.visualstudio.com user profile.

This guide will walk you through enabling Alternate Credentials.

Locate your User Profile Settings

Your User Profile settings are available once you've logged into your repository at tfs.visualstudio.com. Locate your User Name in the upper right corner. Click on your User Name. Select My Profile.

My Profile

Enable Alternate Credentials

Once you've brought up the User Profile dialog, you can find the alternate credential configuration on the Credentials tab. Select the Credentials tab. Click Enable Alternate Credentials.

Configure your User name (secondary)

Enter your User name (secondary) and Password. Click Save Changes.


You have now configured Team Foundation Server Alternate Credentials. This Username (secondary), and Password, is the credential information you will need to use when logging in with WorkItem Glass.

Login to WorkItem Glass

Now use the Username (secondary), and Password, to login with WorkItem Glass.