What is WorkItem Glass?

WorkItem Glass is an alternate client for Team Foundation Server whose target audience consists of those team members not in a traditional Developer role such as Quality Assurance, Project Manager and Business Analyst. WorkItem Glass provides a Smart View into Team Foundation Server projects, hosted on tfs.visualstudio.com, by emphasizing relationships between work items.

WorkItem Glass will need your account alternate credential information for your TFS repository hosted on tfs.visualstudio.com.


Tile View

Windows 8 styled tile view of projects and queries

Smart View

Intuitive view of items, and related work items, in a print friendly tree view

Print and Share

With a clean, and nicely formatted Smart View, you can leverage the print support of the WinRT platform, and produce a wide range of documents such as PDF and XPS

WorkItem Glass Edit Work Item

Edit Work Item

Make updates to a work item from within WorkItem Glass. Most fields that are available in a process template can be updated.

Quick Plan

The Quick Plan feature allows for moving one, or more, work items into another Area or Iteration.

WorKItem Glass Quick Plan
WorkItem Glass Quick Assign

Quick Assign

The Quick Assign feature allows for assigning one, or more, work items to a teammate.


WorkItem Glass supports managing a work item's attachments. Attachments can come from a camera, if the device supports it, or from local storage.

WorkItem Glass Attachments